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Aerial Photography & Videography

If you truly want to elevate your listings and gain the most traffic, adding Aerial photography or videography to your repertoire will do just that.

Drones add a unique perspective to your listing and give buyers a better sense of the property’s landscape. It also helps them understand how the property fits into the surrounding neighborhood and community.

And when it comes to multi-family condos, luxury homes, and commercial buildings, nothing helps prospective buyers understand the property better than aerial photos.

Showcase a Properties Uniqueness

Drones uniquely highlight a home’s beauty. And they can perfectly capture a fantastic waterfront view, lush garden, unique architecture, or custom backyard features.

Yet it does so from a bird’s eye point of view, which is difficult to replicate with a traditional ground-based camera. And that all adds even more value to the listing. 

Create Dynamic Videos

Adding drone footage to a standard walk-through video transforms it and makes it dynamic. It gives viewers a new point of view, adding loads of visual interest in the process. And it’s a sure-fire way to captivate their attention and intrigue them enough to want to learn more.  

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  • Capture unique angles 
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